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A variety of cave rescue and related technical rescue training is offered through ACRO or its partner organizations.


[edit] Registering for Training Events

For a schedule of events and to register on-line, check the ITM Calendar.

If you are not able to attend an event, we recommend that you click on REGISTER and select DECLINE, providing any useful feedback (i.e. would love to go but have something else scheduled; or, this type of training doesn't seem relevant to me)

[edit] 2013 Training and Exercise Program

[edit] 2012 Training and Exercise Program

A training planning meeting will be scheduled to determine the training schedule for 2012. If you are interested, please participate! An email will be sent to ACRO-members and it will be on the ITM calendar.

There is also some follow-up work from Dark Squeeze based on the critiques received.

Training Meeting

A 2011-2012 SAR Training Grant Application has been submitted for the following:

  • Incident Command System 200 (2 days, 25 participants)
  • Companion Rescue / Cave Rescue Workshops (2.5 days each, 25 participants) - location TBD (but according to rotation should be in Southern Alberta)
  • Advanced Rope Rescue (7 days, 12 participants, aimed at team leader / facilitator level)

2012 BCCR Seminar will also be scheduled for Vancouver Island, likely around the second week of July 2012

[edit] 2011 Training and Exercise Program

An exciting training and exercise program is being planned and underway culminating in a live exercise involving multiple agencies in Gargantua Cave for September 2011. Recently we have just found out that our SAR Training Grant Application was successful and we would like to thank the Minister of Municipal Affairs for their support of search and rescue.

In order to execute a successful live exercise, a program has been developed that includes:

  • Operational procedures including cave rescue pre-plans, notification procedures and agreements with various agencies and organizations
  • Regularly scheduled practices on the fourth Saturday and alternating between Tues and Fri evenings once a month
  • Cave rescue workshops in Canmore / Kananaskis June 3 - 7 that include a smaller live exercise component in each
  • Cave rescue tabletop exercise focusing on notification, callout and agency coordination
  • Exercise DARK SQUEEZE (mock cave rescue) in Gargantua Cave (Crowsnest Pass area) Sept 16 - 18 including a significant surface rescue component to provide opportunity for both cave rescuers and ground SAR personnel in validating rescue capability

We are always looking for people wanting to support us and ensure successful outcomes related to the above. If you have training / exercise planning or facilitation skills to offer or detailed knowledge of Gargantua Cave and the surrounding areas, we want to hear from you!

If you want to participate and don't like spoiling the surprise, stay away from the mock cave rescue page!!!

[edit] Sessions and Course Descriptions

Session and course descriptions including related links and resources

Team Building Ideas

[edit] ACRO Training and Exercise Program

[edit] Training Locations

Most of ACRO's training locations can be found on ITM, however some information may be found on this page as well. Training coordinators are encouraged to check the wiki pages peridically and transfer information into the ITM database. You must be logged into the ITM database to access training location information.

If you have suggested training locations including classrooms, SRT training facilities, rigging practice areas, local crags and cliffs and caves, goto this page and add your information.

Accommodations integral to the training session sometimes allow for more interaction among students and additional opportunities for students to practice.

[edit] Other Related Training

Provincial Mock Search hosted by Cochrane Search and Rescue, May 14 - 15, 2011

Incident Command System 100 (I-100) via the Alberta Public Safety Training System website.

NOTE: You must create an account first.
NOTE: If you are successful in obtaining your ICS 100 certificate, please email Cindy Heselton so that this can be recorded in your ACRO training record.

[edit] Joint Training Initiatives

Joint training fosters relationships and utilizes resources efficiently. It also develops develop technical rescue capacity within Alberta and promotes interoperability.

ACRO-CALSARA Joint Training Program

[edit] Fire and Emergency Services Training Initiative

Click here for background information and to log your comments.

[edit] Info dump from Cindy H

Due to sudden absence from Canada, Cindy H has dumped miscellaneous information on this page

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