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ACRO structure is fairly simply to keep overhead administration to a minimum. As per our bylaws, we are governed by a Board of Directors that currently consists of:

Provincial Coordinator - Michael Kary (Calgary, AB)

Training Director - Christian Stenner (Calgary, AB)

Director - Brent Davis (Calgary, AB)

Director - Adam Walker (Canmore, AB)

Director - Sheri Easterbrook (Calgary, AB)

Past board members include: Phil Whitfield (2009 - 2010), Past Provincial Coordinator Doug Munroe (2008 - 2009), Cora Shea (2009 - 2011)

In addition to the Board, regional coordinators are responsible for coordinating responses within their regions:

Northern Alberta - Jerry Fochler (Hinton, AB)

Central Alberta - Wyatt Bronson (Calgary, AB)

Southern Alberta - Brett Wuth (Pincher Creek, AB)

Past regional coordinators include: Lynn Keeler (2007 - 2010)

The above elections / appointments occurred at the May 23, 2010 ACRO Annual General Meeting held at the Black Cat Guest Ranch near Hinton, AB unless otherwise specified.

We have also partnered with the British Columbia Cave Rescue (BCCR) organization to participate mutually in training and operations where feasible. Phil Whitfield and his cadre of instructors have organized and made available BCCR and BC PEP courses for ACRO members.

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