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[edit] Complete ACRO Inventory

Entire ACRO Inventory

[edit] Regional Equipment Cache Information

Northern Alberta (Hinton, AB - Contact Jerry Fochler)

  • There is no Northern Alberta cache at the moment, due to local cave closures.

Central Alberta (Calgary, AB - Contact John Chaychuck or Christian Stenner)

  • Rigging Packs - 4
  • Ropes ??
  • Stretchers
  • Admin kits (boxes, ICS board, etc)
  • Hypothermia kits

Southern Alberta (Crowsnest Pass, AB - contact Crowsnest Pass Fire or Brett Wuth)

  1. a red flat Petzl Nest stretcher (designed for tight spaces)
  2. a yellow rigging bag
  3. a blue rope bag containing 4 ropes
  4. a red hypothermia warmer "Heatpac Unit #5"

[edit] Contents of Specific Pack/Bag Types

Rigging Pack Contents

Stretcher Pack Contents

Medical Pack Contents

Hypothermia Kit Contents

Admin Kit Contents

[edit] Equipment Characteristics

Q: How much does water reduce the strength of static ropes? -- Brent 16:30, 27 May 2010 (moved from)

A: We do not consider water to be a factor in our strength calculations. Some testers have reported an increase in strength in Nylon cordage when wet, but the nylon/polyester blended ropes are as yet undetermined. It depends greatly on the construction of the rope and the continuity guarantee of the kern (centre) of the rope. Perhaps Cindy or George have a rule-of-thumb for this.

[edit] DRAFT Guidelines for Equipment

John Chaychuck has drafted some requirements for ACRO equipment....please review and add your comments...

[edit] Updates

This page will be updated after every inventory, usually twice a year

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