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Hi folks,

It seems that a lot of people did not receive the original message that was sent Sept 26. Please confirm if you received ANY of the original emails sent on Sept 26 and if you have received the one sent October 21 so we can look into any technical difficulties.


[edit] Tracking Numbers

Alberta - AB POC Tracking Number 2011-074

British Columbia - BC PEP Training Task Number 120667

[edit] Exercise Expenses

Funding for Exercise Dark Squeeze was made available via a SAR Training Grant from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency, Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Suppliers If you were a supplier of services for the exercise submit your invoice/receipts to EXERCISE DARK SQUEEZE, c/o Cindy Heselton, 80 MacEwan Meadow CR NW, Calgary, AB, T3K 3H5 by October 7, 2011 (the sooner the better!). The invoice should outline the service provided, a cost breakdown and a mailing address to submit payment to.

Participants A portion of participant expenses may be covered if there is remaining money after overall exercise expenses are paid. The planning committee reserves the right to determine how this will be apportioned with the goal of keeping administrative costs (time) to a minimum. You may be required to submit the following for expense reimbursement: mileage, gas receipts.

UPDATE: We have received the majority of invoices for direct expenses and are just waiting for a few more receipts. There WILL be money available to compensate participants for travel expenses and the Dark Squeeze planning committee will be providing funds to offset travel expenses based on the distance travelled. We will not be able to finalize the amounts until the end of November due to billing periods.

[edit] Exercise Feedback

UPDATE: The operational critique conference call was cancelled due to lack of registration (but this could have been due to people not receiving the notice) but many of you did spend a lot of time filling in feedback forms after the event in great detail and we appreciate this! If you have further comments, please send them directly to me or add them to the wiki. If you strongly feel that a conference call critique is important, please let Cindy Heselton know! Additional options for providing feedback are given below:

We thank everyone for taking their time to complete the exercise feedback surveys (Planning and Operations) prior to leaving the exercise. For those of you who were unable to complete a survey, they are available on-line.

DARK SQUEEZE Exercise Planning Feedback using TooFast

DARK SQUEEZE Exercise Operational Critique using TooFast

If you already completed a survey and have additional comments, please note them on the Additional Comments page or complete an on-line survey above.

[edit] Exercise Photos

UPDATE: Although FACEBOOK is good for sharing photos, we would still like to obtain high resolution photos for presentations, media articles, future training sessions, promotions etc. ALL photos used will be credited each time they are used. If you have good photos to share, please contact Cindy Heselton.

If you have photos to share please post them on the ACRO (Cave Rescue) Members facebook page under the album Dark Squeeze Photographs. Obviously, you'll have to request to join the group prior to having access.

We have requests from various media outlets for photos to accompany articles. All photographers will be credited (make sure you add yourself as the photographer when you upload them). We will also be using them for various presentations, training, articles and promotions.

By posting them we assume we can use them to facilitate training, operations or promotion of cave rescue.

[edit] Lost and Found

Please check your personal / group gear for extra gear that is not yours. If you have a piece of personal or team equipment missing or found, please see the Lost and Found page.

[edit] Staying in Touch

There are a number of ways to stay in touch with ACRO and what's going on in our world:

ACRO Wiki This is where we keep all of our information ranging from cave trip plans to procedures to incident reports. It's grown quite rapidly over the past few years and could use some restructuring but the idea is that the information is captured centrally and improved incrementally.

ACRO Events Calendar ACRO uses an online program called ITM to manage its training including event information and registration.

ACRO Email Distribution list To be added to the ACRO Email Distribution List, send an email requesting this either to Cindy Heselton or Michael Kary

ACRO Call-out List A call-out list is maintained of those members who have taken cave rescue training or other related training and have been active with the cave rescue or caving community. If you feel you should be included on this list, contact Cindy Heselton or Michael Kary.


ACRO exists in TWO separate areas on Facebook.

The ACRO Members GROUP is an area where people can share information with each other, etc. This is a closed group and you must request to join in order to participate.

The Alberta Cave Rescue Organisation (ACRO) PAGE is a public page that provides information about ACRO and our events. Feel free to LIKE us!

[edit] Dark Squeeze Stats

Participant Breakdown by Province

  • Alberta - 84
  • British Columbia - 22
  • NWT - 1
  • Unknown - 3 (need to check the registration binder)


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