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[edit] Meetings

ACRO organizes or participates in a number of meetings as listed below:

Board Meetings The next board meeting is scheduled for December 6, 2011. If you are interested in attending, please contact Michael Kary.

Training Planning Meetings are held usually once or twice per year to determine training objectives and set a training schedule.

South Central Regional Meetings

General Meetings

FESTI Project Stakeholder Consultations

[edit] Communication

Communications will be sent through D4H. All D4H communications will come with [Alberta/British Columbia Cave Rescue] in the title block from Responses to messages can be replied directly to the sending message and will be recieved and logged by D4H.

[edit] Training Management

ACRO currently uses D4H which is a comprehensive on-line training management system capable of storing training syllabus information, member information, training records, training events, and training locations. As members are added they are provided with log-in username/passwords so that they can access the system. Public members, and other SAR Teams can NOT register for events through D4H at this time without being set up into the system.

Information on ACRO Training can also be found here on the wiki.

[edit] Member Database

A member database is currently maintained in Decisions 4 Heroes (D4H).

[edit] Contact List

Contact lists are maintained in Decisions 4 Heroes (D4H). D4H has the ability to send email, text or voice messages simultaneously or individually through the interface. Messages can be sent by region, by event, or by individual through the system. Costs apply to text and voice messages sent.

[edit] Procedures and Checklists

Click here for procedures and checklists.

[edit] Incorporation as a Society

At one point, ACRO was incorporated as a society under the Societies Act of Alberta, however due to lack of required submissions, the status had lapsed. There was a decision made in the spring of 2009 to re-incorporate, and as of March 15, 2010 ACRO (Alberta Cave Rescue Organization Society) was incorporated as a society within the Province of Alberta.

[edit] Current Bylaws

Click here for the most current bylaws

[edit] Insurance

When tasked by a tasking agency within Alberta, liability would be carried both by individuals and by the tasking agency. The Government of Alberta has committed to covering the insurance costs of SAR Alberta member groups purchasing the SARVAC insurance policy.

ACRO has currently carries the SARVAC insurance through Del Fisher Insurance on behalf of SAR Alberta and AEMA.

[edit] Membership in SAR Alberta

ACRO is currently a regular member of SAR Alberta within the South Central Region.

[edit] Fundraising

ACRO is not currently engaged in active fundraising. We apply annually for a training grant under the AEMA Search & Rescue Training Grant program to host courses. ACRO has successfully received grant funds over the past few years.

Cave rescue is gear intensive and John Chaychuck has generously donated thousands of dollars worth of gear (The official debt owed to him as acknowledged by the board is approximately $5000).

If you wish to donate to ACRO, please contact the provincial coordinator, Michael Kary.

[edit] Statistics

Statistics are tracked via Decisions 4 Heroes (D4H) and are pulled directly by the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

2010 Stats Submission to SAR Alberta

2011 Stats Submission to SAR Alberta

[edit] Archived Information or Needs to be Filed

Files from Doug Munroe

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