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Search and Rescue Alberta is pleased to support the efforts of ACRO in organizing the interprovincial mock rescue for September 2011. This event is going to be the first of its kind on many levels. Not only will two provinces be involved, but multiple rescue organizations, all with unique skill sets, will be included at every turn.

This is not only for those who consider themselves experts. Activities during the event will include all levels of knowledge, physicality and equipment. We encourage you to support your fellow responders by attending and contributing as you see fit. We recognize this event will primarily address a cave rescue, however, in any rescue exercise all angles of rescue, including Ground SAR, must consider themselves vital. We encourage all members of Search and Rescue Alberta to get involved, register and attend. No one should exclude themselves for lack of knowledge or time commitment. All of us bring value to this kind of collaborative event and should make the effort to support it any way we can.

Search and Rescue Alberta thanks ACRO for taking on the task of organizing an event of this scale and inviting us to participate.

We look forward to seeing you there!

-- Sheri Easterbrook, Secretary, Search and Rescue Alberta
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