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Thank you for volunteering to be the Registrar at one of SARA's General Meetings!

This page is a guide for the Registrar role. It's mostly straight forward. If you have any questions, BrettWuth can probably answer them.

You should be supplied with a binder of Registrar's materials and a place to set up inside or by the entrance to the meeting room.

[edit] The Binder

The binder is typically prepared by BrettWuth using instructions shown on the pages AGMSignInList and AGMVoterCards. The contents of the binder are:

  • A printed copy of this web page
  • A list of "paid" members from the Treasurer.
  • sign-in sheets for the voting member organization. Each organization has its own page.
  • Membership records for the non-voting (associate) member organizations. They don't vote, so they don't need to sign in.
  • A sheet for each organization that is applying to become a voting member.
  • A sheet for each organization that is applying to become an associate member.
  • voter cards, which are brightly coloured sheets of paper with the SARA logo and a large number printed on them. There are usually a few extra voting cards in case new member organizations are voted in.
  • blank paper and spare pens.Each section has its own divider.

[edit] What You Do

When a representative from one of the member organizations comes to your desk,

  • Ask them to check and correct the information on their membership record. Although they can easily check their membership record on the web ( ), and e-mail corrections as listed on those pages, many organizations do not provide corrections until a general meeting.
  • If they are representing a voting member organization...
    • Check that they are "paid up".
    • Give them a voting card. Give the cards out sequentially -- that way you can tell how many voting members are present.
    • Write down the voting card number where it says "Voting Card number received". We need to know this so that the minutes can reflect which organization made which motion.
    • Initial that you gave out the voting card, where it says "Registrar Initials".
    • Get the person to print their name and sign where it says "Individual who received Voting Card" and "Signature of Individual".

At the start of the meeting, you may be asked to:

  • Announce how many voting cards have been given out. This tells whether there is quorum.
  • List out which voting member organizations have signed in.

During the meeting you may want to keep the Registrar's desk open in case any representative is late in coming.

If you have any unusual circumstances arise, just ask the meeting chair (President) or the Secretary.

[edit] Afterwards

After the meeting, the binder should be sent to the membership database maintainer (Brett Wuth) so that the corrections to the membership records can be entered. It's then later forwarded on to the Secretary for filing or destruction.

Thanks again for volunteering to help out.

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