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How do we get the SARA wiki to be used more?

[edit] Presentations

A tutorial presented to the key SARA volunteers: The board.

[edit] Incremental adoption

Perhaps there's another way besides a big lesson and mass indoctrination. The wiki is an evolutionary tool for SARA rather than revolutionary. There's no need for a mass conversion attempt that either will work or will fail. Rather each person who is working to support SARA can move pieces of their work a bit at a time over to the wiki as it makes sense for that particular task.

The selling points of the wiki are:

  • the information placed on it is readily available to all
  • it is very easy to add information
  • abuse is unlikely because of logging and easy reversal

One suggestion is that key people as they realize the value of the wiki start to increase their use of the wiki in your work for SAR Alberta. For instance, one of the things you could enhance on the wiki, is a description of how to your job in SARA, so that future volunteers don't have to rediscover everything for themselves. There's some work already started on that, which you could expand listed here.

Brett Wuth will be very happy to support you by answering any questions you have on how to use the wiki.

The hope is that as you become more familiar with the wiki you can become more of an advocate for it with your colleagues. And as you become more comfortable with it, you would be in a position to help others transition to it.

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