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SAR Alberta uses several different internet servers:



SAR Alberta's main website is

See also for how the website is used.

[edit] is a server provided by Brett Wuth of Pincher Creek SAR. It supplies the wiki. The same server also runs the web site for Pincher Creek SAR:


is a mail domain run by Brett Wuth. It's easy for him to put up mailing lists on it. We've thought about setting up an MX record for so we could have e.g., but haven't had time to negotiate with the SARA Board, the ISP, and to do that.


is the same server accessible through the web. It presents the web interface to the mailing lists running on that server.

Depending on which ISP Brett is using, it may be only accessible on port 8080.

[edit] Unification

Q: Is there a future intention to bring all these disparate URL's and sites into the domain?

A: Yes, but a low priority, due to shortage of volunteer time from people with technical computer skills. Don't expect it to happen anytime soon. Probably in a few years.

Q: and why some information is stored on different servers? Would it not be best to have all this on one server and maintained as such? Again I'm thinking about how this will need to be addressed as we move forward in building a new website....

A: Several different servers are being used because we're using systems volunteered by others. It's a compromise between cost and simplicity. If SARA is willing to pay the cost, we can have a simpler system.

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