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Here's a place where we can list and describe existing standards. Provide a brief description, indicate whether or not the standard is documented (if so do you know where it is?) and whether it was officially adopted by SAR Alberta (again, were you there? Do you remember when?)

Please post your comments and thoughts.

[edit] List of Standards

This section is a list of standards whether or not they are training, operational, or administrative. Some standards are only in the idea phase, others as marked have been adopted.

  • safety policy and procedures development (administrative)
  • basic skills for search and rescue (training)
  • team leader (training)
    • consider that additional levels may be required for various disciplines (i.e. GSAR, Rope Rescue, Tracking)
  • search manager (training)
  • SAR needs assessment (administrative)
  • ATV operation (training)

[edit] Development

Standards are developed with the help of the Standards Committee.

[edit] Prioritizing

Criteria to consider in prioritizing the list of standards include:

  • risk and liability to volunteers, groups, public, subject
  • need for consistency and interoperability
  • ease of development
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