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This wiki page is about SAR Certificates (SAR Fundamentals and others) available from SAR Alberta. If you know something that isn't included here, please add it by clicking on edit this page.

As a SAR Alberta registered SAR Fundamentals instructor, I (Brett Wuth) teach a SAR Fundamentals course each year. Each year I have to discover anew what the procedure is to get certificates. The procedure usually has changed because people have cycled through to new roles. I often have to push to get things happening.

I routinely hear from other instructors that are having difficulty getting certificates. I'm hoping the person/people responsible for issuing certificates will be prompted by this page to develop and publish effective procedures. Feel free to edit this wiki page to say what you want it to.


[edit] Description of Certificate

SAR Alberta has generic certificates for courses. The backdrop is the SAR Alberta logo. Over the backdrop is written:

   (a blank for the student name)
   attended the following
   Search and Rescue Association of Alberta
   (a blank for the course)
   Instructor: (blank)
   Date: (blank)

[edit] The Published Procedure for Ordering

The current procedure for ordering certificates is described in this email:

One would expect that SAR Alberta's main web site would contain a description of how to order SAR Fundamentals certificates. As far as I can tell, it doesn't (see Website Suggestions).

I've tried

  • selecting the menu About / Committees / Training
  • selecting the menu About / Committees / Standards
  • selecting the menu Member Services / Training
  • using the google search for certificate,

certificates and SAR Fundamentals

[edit] Alternate Procedure

Brett Wuth is authorized to produce the certificates for SARA, if you're not getting satisfaction otherwise. If you send him the list of student names, who the certifier is (you?), the date of certification, and the certificate title ("SAR Fundamentals"), he'll produce the certificates.

If you want, he can mail the certificates to the certifier (instructor), or can mail them directly to the students (if you have addresses).

There's a small cost per certificate ($1).

[edit] Database of Certifications

Brett Wuth maintains a database ("Registry") of certifications for SAR Alberta.

If you have any record of certifications that you've issued (as an instructor) or received (as a student) in past years (whether or not the actual paper certificate was actually produced), Brett would appreciate getting them. One of the benefits of the registry is that certificates can be reissued if they are lost, destroyed or were never produced in the first place.

For each certification, please provide:

  • Who was certified
  • What were they certified in (e.g. SAR Fundamentals, CER, SAR Manager, Mantracking, SAR Fundamentals Instructor)
  • The date on which they were certified
  • Who certified them. That's typically the instructor(s). But sometimes a course will have guest or assistant instructors who are not authorized to certify people.
    • Also, for each of the certifiers can you provide basic contact information? Preferably e-mail. If they're not already in the database, I'll be wanting to get information on their qualifications to certify. Typically that's their certificate as an instructor (date, certificate number, who certified them).
  • Was a paper certificate issued? If so, what certificate number did it have, if any?

[edit] Experiences

In November 2005, I (Brett Wuth) finally received certificates for a course in February, after dozens of promptings. Unfortunately most of the certificates had errors on them. I determined that it was impractical to try again to get the needed certificates using the published procedure. Instead I developed identical looking certificates and printed the replacements myself. I had been authorized to do so by the SARA President in the summer of 2005.

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