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This page is an orientation to the role of being SARA's Training Coordinator. It doesn't have everything you need to know yet. Be kind to your successor and add information to this page by clicking "edit".

[edit] Communications

You can send an e-mail to the training coordinators of every SAR Alberta member group using the the SARA Training Coordinators EMailing List. You should subscribe to this list by following the instructions. If a group has not reported a training coordinator to SARA, their main e-mail contact is used instead. Other people are free to join and add their discussion to the mailing list.

Training events can be shown on a group calendar or registration can be handled through ITM. See Events Calendar.

Training news that is likely to be of interest to all SAR workers can be submitted to SARA Happenings.

There is a mailing list for members of the Training Committee.

There is also a mailing list for those people those instructors that teach SARA's leadership course.

If you need changes to the mailing list or would like a new one, please ask.

You can send your reports to or, to reach the entire board or just the executive.

[edit] Training Needs

Earlier work on training needs was recorded here: 2007.

[edit] Instructors

SARA keeps a self-maintained list of instructors here. People often need to be prompted to update it.

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