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Welcome, and thank you for taking on the role of SAR Alberta's elected Secretary. This page is intended as an orientation to your role. It's a work in progress. Please expand it whith information you think the next person to take on your role will need.


[edit] Past Secretaries

The following people have been the SARA Secretary in the past. They would probably be happy to help you understand what's involved:

  • Mary-Ann Warren
  • Kelly James
  • Michelle Maschke
  • Ian Bullock
  • Kate Alliston
  • BJ Kaleta
  • Brett Wuth

[edit] Basic questions the SARA Secretary should have

[edit] How do I let everyone know who has been elected (appointed) to the SAR Alberta Executive/Board?

Send an email to Brett Wuth so he can update the Board Database.

Send a submission to SARA Happenings so the SAR Community will know about it. See SARA Happenings Publishing.

[edit] What's the e-mail address of the Region's Directors?


There's a mail alias that will reach both the Region's Director and Deputy Director:, where XX is the abbreviation for the region, e.g. NE for North-East Region. See EMail Lists.

[edit] Is there a single e-mail address that will go to all the directors?

Yes, see EMail Lists

[edit] How do I submit things for the Electronic Newsletter?

See SARA Happenings Publishing

[edit] What does Brett Wuth do to help the SARA Secretary?

See Brett Helps SARA Secretary

[edit] How do I maintain the membership records?

See Membership Database.

[edit] Who should I contact to get the website updated?

See Internet Servers

[edit] What things do I need to do through out the year?

There are many things, only a few of which are listed here yet. Please add your notes here.

  • November (about 6 months before the AGM) - start recruiting new Membership Applications
  • December 22 to January 31 - Sometime between these two dates you must file the AnnualReturn. Failure to do so will result in SAR Alberta losing its society status.
  • January (4 months before AGM) - close of Regular Membership Applications to be considered at the AGM.
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