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[edit] Purpose

An electronic mailing list is maintained for subscribers to SARA Happenings which is an electronic newsletter about happenings in SAR in Alberta.

[edit] Subscribing

To subscribe or unsubscribe visit enter your e-mail address and click on "Edit Options". Automatic subscribers will need to click on "EMail My Password to Me". You can subscribe and unsubscribe on the same page.

Subscribers automatically include all members organizations of SAR Alberta, plus anyone else who chooses to subscribe. There are over 300 subscribers.

[edit] Archives

You can review all past issues of SARA Happenings at this link.

[edit] Submissions

Our regular publication date for mailings of SARA Happenings is the middle of each month. Please note that the deadline for material is the 14th of each month. Does your group have an event posting for the SARA Happenings mailing? If so, please send information 1-1/2 months prior to the dates you wish advertised. It will then give ample time for those reading it to respond. Please send all material to the editor; Chris Hoare at PLEASE DO include contact information for members to gain further information.

Messages to the mailing list are moderated, and must be certified similar to MembershipEMailingList. People that can certify messages to the mailing list are listed as "list run by" at the bottom of

[edit] Publishing

Mail to is automatically forwarded to all the subscribers. See SARAHappeningsPublishing.

[edit] Questions and Answers

Also see the Questions and Answers for mailman, the mailing list software used for this e-mailing list.

[edit] How many people are subscribed?

You can get the current number by looking at

Each person gets 3 bounces before they're automatically removed.

[edit] Issues

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