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[edit] Purpose

The Membership Database lists all the Member Organizations is SAR Alberta. It also includes organizations that are applying or are prospective members. Because the Society Act requires us to do so, former members are also included.

You can see the information collected for each organization here.

This database is used for the following purposes:

  • To provide SAR Alberta with a definitive list of its members and how to contact them.
  • To provide the public and other organizations information on how to contact SAR groups in Alberta. This is done on SAR Alberta's website and periodic mailings. (See sara-contactannounce, archive.)
  • To provide Tasking Agencies and SAR Groups, the emergency contact information for all SAR groups in Alberta. This is done on SAR Alberta's website and periodic mailings.
  • To provide e-mail lists where select groups of contacts can be reached. (E.g. regions, the whole membership, training contacts.) See EMail Lists.
  • To provide a sign-in book for General Meetings.
  • To provide paper mailing labels.

[edit] List

The list of members can be found here: /List

[edit] Making Changes

Additions or deletions to the list are provided to Brett Wuth by the SARA Secretary as part of the Annual General Meeting record keeping.

Member Organizations wanting to make changes to their Membership Records are encouraged to send e-mail their changes to the SARA Secretary and Brett Wuth. If the member wishes, they can directly edit their membership record themselves following the above link. However they will need to create an account and sign in to do so.

Any changes the SARA Secretary receives should be forwarded to Brett Wuth so the database can be updated. The processing of the database automatically sends any additional changes back to the SARA Secretary.

Brett Wuth uses this procedure to edit and then process database. Doing so automatically produces the changes to the mailing lists, and reports listed above.

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