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This page describes the work in handling Membership applications.


[edit] Who

The job is normally the responsibility of the SARA Secretary, although it has been done by others in support of that office.

Past people involved:

[edit] Tasks

This responsibility may need to be scaled down if there is not enough time or resources to perform it fully. The minimum activities are marked "(min)".

  • Recruit potential new members.
  • Provide information to the interested applicant. See Joining.
  • (min) Receive and file applications. Keep track of application status. (See #Pending applications)
  • (min) Acknowledge receipt
  • Request additional information.
  • Provide membership database maintainer with applicant information.
  • (min) Provide board a copy of Regular Member application and request decision.
  • (min) Schedule vote at next General Meeting.
  • (min) Notify applicant of general meeting.
  • E-mail copies of applications to Members.
  • (min) Present applications at General Meeting.
  • (min) Inform applicants of vote.
  • (min) provide membership database maintainer with new members.

[edit] Pending applications

    • 2009-04-29 Message-Id: <>
      • intends to apply to switch to Regular Member next year

[edit] Deferred Applications

  • Alberta Fire Chief's Association
225      monica            Dec15 <wuth@castrov. whoops
    • Status: probably got no further than discussion stage

  • Cypress County 40Mile Search Guild
297      monica            Feb 1 'Cypress Count RE: Notice of formation of a new group
298      monica            Feb 1 <wuth@castrov. New Team
387      Cypress County 40 Mar12   CC40SAR
    • 2009-03-23 President determines application was within window for consideration at April AGM
    • 2009-03-29 Sent pointer to procedure, request basic information, additional information for board/general meeting
    • 2009-04-19 Withdrew application
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