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SAR Alberta Meeting Minutes 17 November 2011

In attendance:

Board Members Coordinators & Guests President (Chair) Don Norm L / Kaylyn Secretary (Secretary) Sheri Edward/Bruce/James/Yvette Vice-President Jayne/Michael/Shayne/ Treasurer


1. Called to order (1908) 2. Approval of the Agenda

Motion 2011 11 17 That the agenda be accepted as amended. Moved by: Bruce M Seconded by: John Motion carried (or defeated or tabled to dd month yy)

3. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

There are no minutes from the last meeting. Only the executive and one other was there and we had a presentation by D4H that lasted 2hrs. That the minutes have be accepted as amended. Moved by: First Name, Last Initial Seconded by: Motion carried (or defeated or tabled to dd month yy)

4. Financial – Treasurers Report 4.1. Rod is in Hospital and will get one to us when he is able. 4.2. Stuff

5. Board Work (Governance) 5.1 Kaylyn is from Entwistle and will be our go to person for the Adventure Smart Program, she attended SAR Scene and did some training - Our funds have been received from Parks Canada (Thanks) 5.2 Don – SAR Scene – Daryl went to the ICS train the trainer – some changes to include wild fire FESTI and AEMA put forth a NIF grant to revamp the ICS to make it more friendly for SAR, some new money through Parks Canada for Adventure Smart, SARVAC is applying for a NIFF grant to help with sustainability, Edward and Dawn Coats also went out for it. Don and Ed judged some of the SAR games. There were good presentations. Don met Chris Young and Bob Kester, Dr. Hypothermia presented. 5.3 Adventure Smart has 100k to be spent in the next few months we need to organize the expenditures in three areas, there are two new focuses on targeted outreach so doing the Ed outdoor show and Cal outdoor show and also doing trailhead events on busy weekends to get the word out to the general public. Also focus on the snowmobiling program. We need to figure out what we need in the Province for supplies and put an order in. They are hard pressed for reports back to SARVAC we have about 50 presenters and there are only 16 reporting back and this is how they get the stats for funding requests so we really need to push the reporting back part. 5.4 Communications UHF vs VHF – the RCMP is going to get on to a compatible radio system so everyone can easily communicate with each other. Perhaps we should wait and see what the RCMP sets up and perhaps AEMA may be willing to pay for some upgrades at least in command posts. So instead of switching over we’ll just have a way to liaise with the jurisdiction in the area of the event attended. Anything using only line of sight is not going to be advantageous, repeaters would be needed etc. In the future when we get the bugs out will be the opportunity to lobby for financial assistance to become compatible for that system. 5.5 New options for funding – a group contacted Don about doing some telemarketing have not received any information about that as of yet. CALSARA did it through a group called Cantell and we ran into tax issues because they took 60c on the $ and it created issues with CRA. We may be liable for paying taxes on the whole thing. We don’t want to take away from individual groups as a Provincial Does anyone know anything about us being allegeable for NIFF grants so we will look at for the next year these grants are spread over a 3yr period. Monica may be able to give some advice on that, it takes a long time to put together and takes a great deal of time to administer but there are $$ allocated for admin. 5.6 AEMA command post – there are two command posts in Ed that were decommissioned and they would like to gift them to us. So Don talked to Tom in Winipeg about it and the details need to be hammered out but we are looking for two groups that need a command post. So for now any regional rep can get in touch with Don – we’d like to see them go to groups that don’t have rather than a group that needs an upgrade. Perhaps one can go north and one goes south. What would the criteria be for a need? Not sure yet. Preference should go on a group that’s functional that really has nothing. Let’s just make the criteria that the group sends in a letter to the board and we just vote on it. We also need to consider that we get the maintenance records as well so groups know what they are taking on in terms of upkeep costs. They have been maintained and have low mileage. Don will get back to us on that 5.7 Technology – there are some options out there for us to use to keep track of our stats, training, deployment availability etc. How interested are we in having some presentations in the new year for these options, Mike – has a recording of the presentation that was done outlining the features so if we want to look at the video and audio. South Central uses ITM and we have a buy in for our members, D4H is about 400 to 600 per year. We did have a presentation by someone in AEMA and they were trying to use Black Coral, very similar mapping software logistics, but in a big event everything would be updated live and persons with operational permission could see changes updated live. Sheri will acquire presentations from similar providers and get them posted to the web so everyone can see what they have to offer and we can revisit this again in March. Don thinks there is one out of Fernie that we might want to look at. 5.8 We have had issues with information updated on the web site please pass it on to Don and he will forward them on to Jayne and they will get taken care of. 5.9 Highlighted SAR Group – will be putting pics etc up from Dark Squeeze Cindy will put together a report for us. 5.10 Deadline for training grants has come and gone Tina and Don will be sitting down to look at the information based on regional participation and group sharing. If anyone would like to participate in that we always need one or two more. Norm M will be the training coordinator and Don will be there we are probably looking at the week of the 12th of December. AEMA can be flexible if we need to meet after hours. On the stats side of things whenever we are tasked or have any kind of meeting or training we should be phoning ARRC and getting a tracking number. We are going to be getting reports on that monthly. They use it to insure and for stats. Don will be setting up a meeting with Doug Griffiths in the new year re all things SAR and how we can engage him. Rod said the stats are coming in slowly. So can the regional directors please go back to your groups and get them to send them in. Don still has to input those on a provincial level. Rod will get on that once he gets out of the hospital. The actual deadline was October 31st and we try to get it all together by the end of the year but the Minister has until the end of March to sign off on it. We like to have info back to teams by the end of Feb or beginning of March so they can plan for their training season.

6. Regional Rep Reports 6.1. North West – 6.1.1. 6.2. North East – 6.2.1. 6.3. North Central – 6.3.1. 6.4. Central – 1.CALSARA has their members fill out a WCB form every year, is that necessary? Not that we know of. Having the ARRC number gives us the leverage we need to use for both WCB and Liability. 2.Historically do we have any information on any Safety Officer course? Shayne has some info – otherwise we could put something together between Mark D and Shayne. 3.Is there any protocol about what shoulder the SARAB patch goes on? Nope. 4.Whats going on with the standards committee? Nothing right now, was not able to get the dog groups together to finalize

6.5. South Central – 6.5.1.

7. External Links: a) ARRC – this is the number we use to get a tracking number 18666182362 – this is provincial operations center staffed 24hrs a day we use it to validate insurance during any activity we participate in for SAR and it provides a way for them to collect stats on us.

8. Announcements 9. Other: Next meeting – will doodle 10. Meeting Adjourned:2030 Bruce/

Summary of Action Items:

Name Action Kaylyn Will get with Jayne re Adventure Smart Regional Reps Need to get the reports for Adventure Smart in so we have stats to justify the funding Regional Reps Find out what supplies are needed for Adventure Smart and get them in to Kaylyn to order. Sheri Will send a Doodle Survey out for the next meeting

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