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This page is a reminder of what should be done in preparation for a General Meeting of the membership of SAR Alberta. The meeting might be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or a Special General Meeting (SGM).

This page is incomplete. Please add to it.

[edit] To Do Before the Meeting

  • Send out a meeting notice. Many groups meet only once a month, and there may be other delays, so you should send out the notice at least 8 weeks in advance.
  • Post the notice, agenda and supplementary preparatory material on the web site. Announce its availability through SARA Happenings.
  • Request voter cards be prepared. Done traditionally by Brett Wuth. See AGMVoterCards.
  • Update the Membership Database to include all the organizations applying for membership at this meeting. This is done ahead of the General Meeting so that
    • we know we have complete contact information for them prior to their becoming members so that that information is immediately available after the General Meeting.
    • there will be a membership record ready for them to sign to get a Voting Card after they are voted in.
  • Direct preparation of the registration binder. This binder has a page for each member where they can correct and update their membership information (e.g. contacts). And where they can sign-in to get a Voter Card. Done traditionally by Brett Wuth. See AGMSignInList.
  • Ask a volunteer to act as the Registrar at the meeting. Pincher Creek SAR has traditionally provided this volunteer. See GeneralMeetingRegistrarOrientation

[edit] To Do After the Meeting

  • Send Brett Wuth the updates to the BoardDatabase for those newly elected members of the Executive.
  • Send the Registration Binder to Brett Wuth so that the Membership Database can be updated with the corrections made on the Membership Records by those signing in. If the Registrar is a volunteer from Pincher Creek SAR, they normally just bring the binder back with them.
  • Transcribe the records from the Registration Binder of who signed in for which Member Organization and which Voting Card they received. Brett Wuth traditionally does this since he gets the Registration Binder after the meeting. See Sign-In.txt from a previous general meeting. Easier to automatically produce list of all voting members and delete the ones that did not attend.
  • Prepare the draft minutes of the Annual General Meeting. Use the list of Voting Cards to know which Member Organization moved which motion.
  • Place the draft minutes on the web site.
  • If the bylaws were amended
    • prepare a version of the amended bylaws
    • send a copy of the amended bylaws along with a certification that they were amended by the membership to the Provincial Registrar.
    • post the amended bylaws on the web site.
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