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Brief updates / summaries of the SAR Alberta Standards Committee meetings. Dates/locations shown in bold with update/summary provided below each date.

November 16, 2008 (Edmonton)

All committee members were present as well as Fred Tyrrell (AEMA Manager, Stakeholder Relations) and Scott Pepper (AEMA SAR Liaison). The agenda was summarized as follows:

-Introduction of members -Update on AEMA Fire and Emergency Services Training Initiative (FESTI)and discussion on how the committee and this initiative might interelate -Detailed review of the SAR Alberta Standards Committee Terms of Reference -Development of code of conduct (assigned to Spence Sample) -Accreditation / standards discussion - NOT COMPLETED (more discussion needed to review definitions, existing models, potential models) -Development of initial consultation plan -Review information gathered (create library / list) - NOT COMPLETED -Review committee budget - budget submitted to SAR Alberta Board prior, no changes -Set next meeting dates (next meeting Saturday Dec 13 in Edmonton)

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