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[edit] Brett Wuth

  • one of the background volunteers for SAR Alberta
  • former SARA President

[edit] Contact

My current contact information is on this page:

[edit] To do

[edit] Why I Sometimes Say No

I'm asked to do some things that would be very easy for me to do. Sometimes, I'm the one to see something that needs to be done. And yet I sometimes decline to be the person to do it.


Often it's that I've got too many other commitments and the identified task just wouldn't be a higher priority.

But sometimes it's more strategic.

More than anything else, I want to encourage a vibrant SAR community. If I end up doing things that others can easily do, I'm really taking away the voice of that community and making it dependant on me instead. As a result, the community isn't encouraged to develop and I end up with more commitments.

[edit] Running Notes

see /Running Notes

[edit] Working Notes

see /Working notes

[edit] Expenses

see /ACRO/Expenses

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