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Brett Wuth maintains a database of Board Members (actually an XML file). He's been doing this ever since he was elected Secretary in 1998. Since then he's carried on doing so on behalf of subsequent Secretaries.

The XML file is processed by a script to produce:

  • The list of Board Contacts on the SAR Alberta website.
  • The letter to Alberta Registries recording changes to the board. Alberta Registries requires this information on a timely basis, I think within a few weeks. The letter is e-mailed to the Secretary as PDF. The Secretary should print it out, sign it, and mail it off.
  • The addresses for the mailing list and many other e-mail lists as described on EMailLists.
  • The list of past board members for the Treasurer's charitable filing with Revenue Canada.

How Brett processes changes

  • to do: improving this process
    • update of regional mailing list
      • modify make-board-list's BoardRegionUpdate to update region mailing list
        • wait for region update script from membership database procedure
        • further split out updates only from "region-directors-emailing-list"
    • separate input file from my phonebook.xml
  • Make changes to the file ~/phonebook/phonebook.xml.
    • I update the entries for "SARA Board".
      • I create a new entry for the new <Person>
    • Make sure phonebook.xml is saved.
 (cd ~/phonebook; build)
  • When there is a new board member:
~/sar/sara/board/bin/board-new-member-query-message FirstName LastName "optional custom message"
 (cd ~/sar/sara/board; make-board-list)
  • When there is a change for a Region's Director or Deputy Director:
    • send a note to the member organizations in the region:
    old director
Subject: change in regional representation
--text follows this line--

This is a courtesy e-mail to let you know that there has been a change
in representation in your region of SAR Alberta.

The information we received is that 

xxxx has succeeded xxxx
as the Central Region's Deputy Director.

xxxx has resigned as the Central Region's Director in
order to take on the role of SAR Alberta Secretary. 

xxxx, the North Central Region's Director, 
has completed his/her term and did not seek
reelection within your region.

Our thanks go to her/him for her/his support of SAR in Alberta. 

xxxx remains
as the Central Region's Deputy Director.

Currently both the Director and Deputy Director positions are vacant.
The North Central region is encouraged to elect new representatives.

For contact information see:

Take Care,
Brett Wuth
Box 1251-U, Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K 1W0, CANADA  Tel:+1 403 627-2460
PGPKey ID=23276D81 FingerPrint=E4F8EDEECBE01AD2FA3D8B2D94B1A292
What is the meaning of life?!  Yes.
  • to list past board members:
xslt --Param OrganizationName "SARA Board" ~/phonebook/lib/members-populate-history.xsl <~/phonebook/phonebook.xml | xslt lib/board-history.xsl | xslt lib/board-history-text.xsl
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