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The Annual Return is a filing which SAR Alberta must make every year to Alberta Registries in order to maintain its society status.

The filing should be made after the anniversary of incorporation and must be made by the end of the next month. For us, that means between Decemeber 22 and January 31. Alberta Registries has allowed us much longer to file in the past, but as the filing is easily done there's no reason not to do it on time.

The form to use is:

Society Annual Return on


Note that there are important instructions on the second page.

The fields you need are:

Name of Society: SAR Alberta (Search and Rescue Association of Alberta)

That's the exact legal name of SAR Alberta, including both the SAR Alberta part and the Search and Rescue Association of Alberta part and having parentheses.

Address: Suite 142, 9768 170 Street
         Edmonton, Alberta
         T5T 5L4

Corporate Access Number: 506393677

Date of Incorporation: 1994-12-22

Year Ending: December 22 of the appropriate year.

List of Officers and Directors:

Write "see attached" and attach the report from BrettWuth or use a copy of the filing of change of officers and directors that would have been sent most recently prior to the date.

You must attach a copy of the audited financial statements for the previous annual general meeting. In other words, the annual return does not create a rush to get the financial statements done. For instance, the 2006 Annual Return would include the financial statements for the April 2006 Annual General Meeting which would cover the 2005-2006 financial year. The financial statements must have the signature of the auditor (typically the accountant).

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