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The following has been taken from the FESTI Stakeholder Engagement Report v5_2 NO APPENDICES.

The Fire and Emergency Services Training Initiative (FESTI) has been undertaken to define the educational and training requirements of certain emergency disciplines in particular and the larger emergency management component of the “system” in general. The project will result in the creation of the Alberta Emergency Management Training System (AEMTS) which will function within the current Alberta emergency management system.

The FESTI project teams have developed nine Focus Areas, or building blocks, for the AEMTS, based on background material and previous input from stakeholders. Each Focus Area includes a number of Guiding Principles which are design guidance or parameters that currently exist in government policy or have been suggested by stakeholders. These Focus Areas, documented in the FESTI Focus Area Backgrounder, are shared across the overall SoS and discipline levels, despite the fact that each system has a different scope and set of responsibilities of the focus areas.


[edit] SAR Consultations

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